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About Our Site

Stocks in the Spotlight publishes in-depth corporate profiles on publicly-traded companies that help individuals make smart investment decisions.

We feature a variety of micro cap and small cap companies in vertical markets including technology, Internet, biotech, oil & gas, alternative energy, mining, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, entertainment and many other industries.

We have been in the business of getting companies in front of investors for over 18 years with our personally customized packages we allow your company to streamline advertising costs while increasing profits!

Small Cap Stocks

  • It is easier to double the sales of a company doing $20 million per year than it is to double the sales of a company doing $2 billion in sales. Rapid growth is easier for small cap stocks.

  • Smaller companies can “fly under the radar” of intense market attention longer. This keeps the price from being bid up too high or knocked down too low. Most mutual funds, for instance, don’t invest in small cap stocks. (The exception, of course, would be funds that specialize in small cap stocks.)

  • Small companies tend to be more nimble and react quicker to market and technological conditions. Small companies can exploit opportunities that larger companies can’t afford to chase because of their huge overhead.


The Bottom Line

There is certainly something to be said for the growth opportunities that small cap stocks can provide investors; however, along with these growth opportunities come increased risk.


If you are able to take on additional levels of risk relative to large-cap companies, exploring the small cap universe is something you should look into.


Alternatively, if you are extremely risk averse, the roller coaster ride that is the stock price of a small cap company may not be appropriate for you.

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